My second marriage

I’ve been watching a show recently (that will remain nameless to protect my pride.)

There is a married guy in it who longs to be free of his marriage so that he can marry another woman: his ‘true-love’. Hmm….

I don’t know how the show is going to turn out, but I was thinking as I read Romans this morning about one possibility.  What if that guy ended his marriage and threw a huge party declaring his freedom?  What if he fell so in love with feeling free that he just forgot about his ‘true-love’?  Imagine if he felt like the main benefit that came from ending his first marriage was not that he could be with his ‘true-love’, but just that he could be free.

I think we’d hate that guy.  Christians, non-christians alike would hate that.

Which is weird.  Because we are that guy.

Therefore, my brethren, you also were made to die to the Law through the body of Christ, so that you might be joined to another

According to God, you and I aren’t under the law anymore because that covenant could only stand as long as we were living, but just like a marriage – when death happened – we were free to marry another.

And the reason God did that – the reason Jesus hung on the Cross and died for the penalty of the law – wasn’t so that you and I could be free to live a life without guilt or shame.  It wasn’t so we could sin without fearing consequences.  It was so that we might be married to Him.

I think God uses a marriage metaphor here because he wants us to see that this isn’t a business transaction.  It isn’t a cold and calculated move on His part – buying us out of slavery with the blood of His Son just so that we could be less anxious or something.

He did everything He did because you and I were bound to another and He wanted us free so that we could be with Him.  He wouldn’t break the law.  He wasn’t willing to be an adulterer and have us for His own even while we were still in Covenant with another.  So, He came and died.  So that we could be free to belong to Him.

It made me sad this morning.  God did all that.  He found a way to set us free at great cost to Himself – and then He gets to watch us celebrate by asking if we can sin all the more now that we’re not under law but under grace?  How devastating it must be to hear us speak as if the main benefit of being free from the law is that we can do whatever we want.

The main benefit is that we can marry again.  We can be a part of a New Covenant with our sweet and gracious Savior.

What kind of man would bind Himself to a bride who is ungrateful, ignorant, arrogant and constantly adulterous?  Christ our Lord.

Think on that today.

He died so that you might be free from sin, not so you could have a better day today.  Not  just so that you could be less irritated by your co-worker or love your spouse better.

He died so that you could be free to belong to Him today.

Gosh.  There’s no one like Him.  There really isn’t.

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  1. oooooooh Fabs, this resonates with me… don’t know what it is about this post, I just love it. I mean I love them all, but I can see you loving Jesus in your writing in this one… that probably doesn’t make sense. oh well.

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