Hey guys!

Welcome to my shiny new blog!  Isn’t it just the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen! I love it! I love it!

For those of you who were subscribed to my old blog, go ahead and re-subscribe via RSS.  If you’ve never subscribed before, now is the time!

If you’re wondering if RSS stands for Russian Secret Service, you can always just subscribe via email!

I can’t wait guys!  I’ll be continuing the ‘Are Women Crazy?’ series soon!  Catch up here.  Next post will introduce the concept of “The Emotional Sandbox”!

7 thoughts on “NEW BLOG!

  1. Looks good!

    One small error I have spotted, is when I click on the picture of you on the left of the page, it goes to an error page. I suspect this is because the http:// is missing from the link code.

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