Not the post I want

[My sweet friend Jamie is out of town and so I wrote this guest post for her blog.]

This is not the post I want to write today.

I want to write a post that is funny and charming and poignant and real.

I want to write the kind of post that makes you want to retweet or follow me or whatever.

And I’m telling you all that because most of all – I want to write an authentic post.

I want you to see me in this scramble of letters and words and I want to reach through this page and grab on to you and I want us to find comfort in the reality that – while this humanity thing is crazy and messy and isolating – we are not alone.

Every one of us has weird/hard days.

I’m sitting here as I write this with a friend who is married with three kids.   I had lunch today to process the discontentment in my soul with a girl who has been married for 3 years.  I, myself, am single.

My day has been a case study on the truth that no temptation has seized us that is not common to man.  Today has provided gracious proof that I cannot be saved from whatever has a hold of me today by a shift in circumstance.

There is no stage of life that can fully protect you from the weird sense of disappointment with this life.

I just want something new, you know?

[You can read the rest of this post here]

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