Nothing is futile.

[Today’s blog post is brought to you from the letter ‘A’ for Angela.  Angela has three of the world’s cutest kids and is married to one of our elders at The Austin Stone, and you can read about their adventures here.  She loves the Bible more than anyone I’ve ever met, and the fruit of that is her deep and desperate passion to be the woman God is going to make her become.  Neat.] 

It was several years back and I was driving in my car listening to a John Piper sermon on a passage in Romans when I heard him say,
“Nothing is futile for the believer.”Pinned Image

Romans 8:28 tells us that everything is working for our good, but I had missed the implication that if EVERYTHING is working for the good of the believer then NOTHING is futile. Everything has purpose.

I’ve thought about tattooing it on my arm so that I look at it a hundred times a day because when I remind myself of that truth – then everything about my day changes.

While we obviously need to know that everything has purpose when we endure suffering, I find that I need it just as much to make it through the regular routines of life. Because life is filled with boring routines and if we only see life as time passing –  going to work or washing dishes or driving in traffic or sleeping and eating – and don’t see that God has promised extraordinary purpose in the midst of the mundane, then we will see our joy swallowed up by the mechanics of life because they seem to be an end in themselves rather than the means to something greater. Like the perseverance of our souls.

But if we can remember that nothing is futile, that He is working all things for the good of the believer, then everyday becomes extraordinary because every single moment holds the promise that God is working in thousands of way that we are unable to see to persevere our souls, to cause us to finish this race, to bring us Home.

So, in all the mundane, in all routine, in the boring details of life, remember that there is a sovereign Hand that is weaving these minutes in such a way so that we will persevere to the end and that He will be greatly glorified. There is hope in every moment because there is a promise that it matters.

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