Nothing new.

There is no new information this morning.

It’s not news to me that if Jesus is truly the key to rest and life and joy, then I have access to rest and joy and life all the time.  Nothing has to change about my life for me to be present and find life and rest and all that I’m searching for.  It doesn’t lie on the other side of a circumstance, it lies in Jesus, who is mine now.

It’s not news to me that I don’t have to do ministry to have satisfaction, that I don’t need to write to find purpose, that I don’t need vacation to find rest because I have Jesus.  And He is the better provision of all I have been laboring for.

But I stood on a stage last night and I told women these things – that are not new – and the Spirit of God opened my eyes to these truths in a supernatural way and I drove home weeping with relief and conviction and hope and joy.

Oh my Jesus.  Who is always accessible.  Who is always free.  Who asks nothing of me.  Who gives Himself freely, and in giving Himself gives me everything I have ever wanted.

Jesus is better.  But Jesus is not just the better thing.  He is not just the best thing.  He is everything.

No new information for you this morning.  Just Jesus being everything you need today.  A truth you’ve heard a million times.

But maybe – what you need today is not a new piece of information about Jesus.  Maybe you just need Jesus.

This man who is God, who left Heaven so that He could put His Spirit inside of you to illuminate your eyes to behold glorious things in truths you’ve known for so long, and to revitalize your taste buds to drink Him in and find the deepest satisfaction possible, and to quicken your pulse at the thought of His nearness.

This man who is God, who right now is at the right hand of the Father, and even though a part of us is seated with Him in those heavenly places, in Him, it’s not enough.  This man, who is God, is gripping the edge of the throne on which He sits, nothing but the patience of God can hold Him back from coming for you right now, such is the fierceness with which He hungers to hold you.

Oh heart, what is it you work for today?  Come to Jesus and find it in Him and rest.

May His Spirit – right now as you read these words – use His power to strengthen your heart, make your inner being stronger, so that you can comprehend – beyond knowledge – the fierce and unequaled love Jesus has for you, uniquely, individually.  Sit in that.  Ask for strength to believe it.  And find yourself filled with all the fullness of God.

3 thoughts on “Nothing new.

  1. God’s words spoken through you were life changing! Thank you for being an empty vessel, used by our Lord for His glory.

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