November top posts

Alright gang!  Here are your favorite posts for the month of November.

1. Series: Singleness Suffering

2. ‘Hard’ truth: God is sovereign over salvation.

3. Series: Are Women Crazy

4. Blessings of Singleness #5: Lack of Physical Intimacy

5. It’s not too late.

6. ‘Hard’ truth: firm foundations

7. More ‘hard’ truths i’m trying to learn

8. Stolen joy

9. Are Women Crazy? [1]

10. ‘Hard’ truth: God is for Himself 

Every blog post above is part of one of these four series:

1. Are Women Crazy

2. Singleness Suffering

3. Hard Truth


Much thanks to all my guest bloggers.  Let me know if we missed any of your favorites!




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