One of those weeks

What a week.

I am emotionally and mentally drained.  I am having a hard time stringing together complete sentences.  And it’s only Tuesday.

I’m trying to prepare some teaching notes and I just keep turning the puzzle pieces around and around and they don’t seem to fit.  And while everyone around me thinks they’re working, I know in my heart they’re not.  But I am out of time and energy and I’m scared that I’ll just have to shove the piece into the puzzle, bending the edges to make it fit.

It’s time to take hold of some promises.  Rather, it’s time to ask God to lift my weary hands and wrap them – finger by finger – around His sweet promises.

1. His grace is sufficient for me in my weakness. 

2. I will serve in the strength He supplies.

3. This is all His. 

All of it. My mind. My to-do list. The gifts He has given me. The women I’ll teach.  All the puzzle pieces are His.  And He gets to do with them as He pleases. And the way He spends them will be perfect.

In other, semi-related news: this weekend is the Verge Conference.  It is sold out, but you can webcast it here.

During the webcast, Francis Chan, David Platt, Jeff Vanderstelt, Dr. John Perkins, Matt Carter, Dhati Lewis, Propaganda and many, many others will encourage and challenge us to make and multiply disciples of Jesus.

One way you can still take part is through hosting or attending a FREE Live Webcast. The event will be broadcast over the internet, so if you would like to encourage and equip your group or church on Disciple Making, free of charge, Verge Network would like to help you make that a reality.

Happy week to you all.  I pray that we all get the grace I crave and find ourselves filled with faith to press on.

3 thoughts on “One of those weeks

  1. Fabs,
    I would be interested to hear your response to this post:

    “Now, today’s example comes from the leader of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, which I (and many others) consider to be a mainstream expression of complementarian values. And yet I have a feeling that there may be complementarians out there, who, like Micah, do not consider it “foolish” for boys to play with dolls and who are concerned by how these sort of gender stereotypes are put forth as “biblical manhood.”

    So my question for complementarians is this: Does the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood represent you? Does Owen Strachan? If not, what organizations or leaders do? What do you see as the future of complementarianism? If I’m not engaging folks like Strachan, Piper, Driscoll, and Grudem, whom should I be engaging? Mary Kassian? Tim and Kathy Keller?”

  2. Dear Fabs,
    This Damaris from from The Tabernacle of Testimony Christian Ministries – Nairobi Kenya. I am one of the Leaders of our Church The Tabernacle in Kenya, and when we read from your website it impressed us to write to you to inform you that you are a people that we dont want leave outside in our ministry- yes we cannot do without you. Kindly pse. allow us to put our name in your mailing list so that we can do continue to receive your teaching materials. We will trust our God, to invite you in the near future to come and bless us when we shall be having our women conference. let us know your plans especially of Africa- Nairobi. Do you have any connections in Nairobi- Kenya?
    Thank you,God bless you all.
    Damaris Omukaya

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