Organizing your 2018.

Well, I made a few things: (1) a planner (2) a desk cal and (3) a task tracker (to-do list) weekly spread.

Seriously though.

I keep asking myself- why did I make these things?? Is it a waste of money? Time? But the truth is – I really think that basic things – (scheduling out tasks on days instead of looking at one giant to do list, thinking about how you spend your time, tracking habits) – can move you towards being the person you’re made to be.

So, whatever. I’m losing money making these things. But I love the idea of people taking control of their time the way some people are passionate about helping people take control of their money.

A couple of things I designed the planner to do:

  1. Help you live out your values.  Each month will have you rewrite out some key values and set achievable goals to help you reach them
  2. Consider your time budget.  Seems weird, (and sort of obvious) but we have a limited amount of time in a week.  Each month, I think through all the things I want to do and all the things I have to do and think through how I want to prioritize my time.
  3. See a whole week of tasks at one time.  I’m a big fan of scheduling out your to-do list, so that you don’t waste time considering what to do next. I designed this planner to help you plan, not just track tasks.

So. Yah. If you want to support this weird part of my personality, or if you think someone might actually like these things, message me to order (or do it – but it’s probably easier to message me cause I’m not sure if the site always works).

If you want to see pics of the planners you can look at them on the addictedtoplanners site!

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