Our God saves

And God’s movement continues.  The search is ongoing and I am praying that this morning would bring my brother back to us and his bride.  I am filled with hope of witnessing a miracle with my very own eyes, and seeing how the world responds!  But I do not wait to see God’s glory.  I see it already.

Just had word that the parents of the pilot were contacted this morning by the father’s employer.  He was weeping.  He had opened the Scripture to pray for the pilot, and he said ‘the words came alive’ for the first time in his 57 years.  He said he has been a Sunday school teacher and thought he knew God, but this morning for the first time he read the scripture about the word becoming flesh and he said his heart ‘came alive’ in Christ Jesus.  He said he finally understood Jesus as the hope of his life.

This is our God.

Had word again about the head of the navy who spoke with the family yesterday and was lost for words when he heard of the civilian effort.  The family tells us that he acknowledged with his mouth that this God we worship must indeed be a mighty God.

The is our God.

As I sit here, the mother of the pilot is singing worship hymns to us over the phone.  The atmosphere is filled with anticipation.  O Lord – let this be the day.  Continue to bring us stories of your glory.  We love You.  We look to You.  We desire to see You.

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