Our King has come

Wake up world.

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Unto you this day a Son is born and a King is given.

Don’t be afraid.  Don’t be undone.  He is making all things new.

No matter what you’re going through today, He knows what it feels like.  That’s the whole reason He came as a baby and not a superhero: He wanted us to know that He has tasted the bumps and cuts and scrapes of life.

You don’t have a great High Priest who is unable to sympathize.  You have one who has done this thing and suffered more than any of us.  You have a safe place to run in times of trouble.  Go to Him; expect empathy and grace.

Don’t be afraid.  Don’t be undone.  You are not alone.  This is not the end.

Our King has come and He is coming back.

One thought on “Our King has come

  1. Wonderful! Thank you for reminding all of us what Christmas truly means. Merry Christmas, Fabs! May God continue to bless you and your ministry into the new year!

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