How to fight idolatry of good things (pt 1)

Marriage, sex, community, family, love: good things.

God created these things to reveal Himself.  They’re supposed to look like Him.

The thing is – that makes it really easily to confuse them with gods.

People don’t mistake monopoly money for real money.  It is the bills that look the MOST like actual cash that we end up banking on as if they are the real deal.

It’s the same with coveting and deceitful desires.  Your heart is prone to worship the things that look the most like the One you were made to worship.

Deceitful desires

My last post was about concealed covetousness, which goes hand in hand with deceitful desires.

The truth is, this isn’t the post I planned to write today.  But today came, all wrapped up with angst and pricked with this longing in my heart that was so acute and so distracting that I had to stop reading Ephesians 4 and just put my head down and ask God for help.

And help He did. By lifting my eyes back up to the text and letting His Spirit speak to me loudly and clearly in His favorite way to speak these days: not by writing on the wall or burning bushes – but through His Word – living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword.

7 questions to help you spot concealed covetousness

How much ‘wanting’ is too much ‘wanting’?

Desiring community, desiring a spouse, desiring a child, desiring a job – all good things, but what is the tipping point?  When does your desire become covetous?

Covetousness is when your desire for something eclipses your desire for God.  You want something more than you want Him.

It’s surprisingly easy to spot when the thing you desire is withheld: you get frustrated with God, angry and bitter.

2 lessons in gospel-centered leadership I learned from working in the world

I just wrapped up my tenth run at the Austin Film Festival (the best festival in the whole wide world).

I am so overwhelmingly thankful for all that God has taught me through the people I’ve worked alongside for the past ten Octobers.

They’re crazy and funny and smart and passionate about writing and story and film.  You will probably never find them working at a church, but I tell you what – I’ve learned a lot about Gospel-centered leadership from them.

Here are two things He’s taught me:

1. Let people fail. At your expense.



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