Practical prayer for your day.

Guys, my life is a mess right now.

We just moved our offices and I haven’t unpacked yet.  I’m trying to make space in our apartment to accommodate a new roommate.  I’ve had visitors in town nonstop (at one point my two-bedroom apartment hosted 4 women, 1 man, 2 dogs and a pig).  And it’s been hard to really get ‘alone’ with God.

This little kid’s expression is exactly how I feel today: desperate to connect with God.

When I’ve opened the Bible, my engagement has been shallow and apathetic, and as a result, my heart feels shallow and apathetic toward God.  The less you engage with God, the harder your heart becomes and the harder your heart becomes the less you want to engage with God.  DUMB.

But God is faithful.

On my to-do list this AM was the assignment to skim through this quick (and free) read by Johnny P on Sanctification.  In the appendix he shares some prayer acronyms that he uses in his life.  I’d heard a lot of them, but there was one that was new to me.

Piper uses the acronym AIMS to remind him to stay Christ-dependent throughout the day. I thought I’d share that with you guys in case you’re feeling a little weary in the soul and hard in the heart yourself.


Alive. Jesus is alive. Gosh, isn’t it weird how that sentence does something in my heart?  I put the book down and put my head down on my desk and said sorry.  Sorry to God that I have treated Him as if He is a theory or a system of faith instead of a real and living man.

In me.  I feel tired and empty but I’m not.  I’m not empty. The very same Spirit that eternally dances between the Father and Son with feverish energy and urgent love, has made His home inside of me.  In this very moment He makes a way for me to be included in that glorious dance, (Cue more time with my face on my desk).

Mighty. He is mighty.  He is able.  I have furniture to move, and classes to finalize for the fall, and an office to organize, and our leader training to plan and all of that – all of that is under the control of a sovereign and mighty father who lives and lives in me.  Cast all your anxieties on Him because He cares for you and He’s freaking big enough to take care of it all.

Satisfy.  He satisfies those who thirst.  I forgot that God is satisfying this week.  So, when I read that I stopped my work and closed my to-do list and begged God to let me thirst for Him alone – to be satisfied in Him alone, to hunger for Him and today to taste how sweetly satisfying His glory is. Oh Father, make me harder to satisfy.  Let me not settle for a productive day at work or an organized apartment.  Make me need you to satisfy me.

I don’t know how messy your life is today, but as I type this I’m praying that He will be faithful to pursue you through this blog post.

One minute.

That’s all it will take for you to stop right now and pray through AIMS.

Ask God to remind you that He is alive and real.  Beg Him to fill you with HIs Spirit and give you faith to believe He is in you.  Reflect on His might and confess areas in your life when you have forgotten that He has authority over all.  Spend a moment thinking about how sweetly satisfying the Gospel; it has secured us God for eternity.

Make it your ambition today to fight through all the worldly offers and seek the satisfaction that can come from Him alone.

2 thoughts on “Practical prayer for your day.

  1. Just wanted to send a little “note” to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. I came across it one day while I was scrolling through the oh so lovely Pinterest and I’m so glad I did! Oftentimes I feel as if I am reading my own thoughts and life story. Your words are such an encouragement and often…a kick in the butt too. Thank you so much for your willingness to share the “messy” moments in life as I know i’m not the only one this blog has blessed. Keep it up girl!

    From a sister in Christ,
    Ashley cheri

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