Providence promises for moms

Happy Mama’s Day weekend!

I read something on Providence today, and it made me think of mothers.  I imagine, if I were a mom – that would be one of the doctrine’s that kept me breathing.providence

Whether you have had a week where everything is falling apart, or whether it’s been a week of visible blessing, let these 13 truths be the place your feet find to stand:

(1) God is in control of His universe.

All of it.  The safety of your children; the security of your family.  He upholds the molecules in their blood, the atoms that move around them.  God is in control of His universe: not you.  Not your plans.  Not your mind.  Not your work.

(2) God is working out His perfect purposes in the lives of His kids.

(3) God is not our servant.

Sit on that for a minute.  Look for the symptoms of bitterness in your life that might indicate the places where you are frustrated with God because He’s behaving like your God rather than your waiter.

(4) God’s ways are far more mysterious and wonderful than we can understand.

(5) God is always good; we can always trust Him.

(6) God’s timetable is not the same as ours.

(7) God is far more interested in what we become than in what we do.

God is interested in making you look like His Son, Jesus.

Sometimes that will include you making much of Him by being the ‘perfect’ mom; having days where you don’t yell, you love well, you are kind and sweet and loving to everyone in your family.

Sometimes that will include you making much of Him by feeling like a wreck of a mom, having days where you feel like a needy desperate failure so you can point those around you to the blood of Jesus; days where your words to your kids are filled with repentance instead of flawless love.

God is more concerned with you being His til the end, then you looking and feeling like the perfect mom.

(8) Freedom from suffering is not promised in the Christian gospel.

(9) Suffering is an integral part of the Christian life.

(10) God works through suffering to fulfill His purposes in us.

My friend Angela wrote a blog just last week that reminded me of the truth that we have made certain things in our life ‘rights’, when the Bible speaks so differently.  It’s a terrifying and necessary reminder to all of the mom’s out there that ‘there may come a day when my allegiance to Christ will forbid me the right to raise my children. And though that day hasn’t arrived, the question has risen in my heart, “Do I love God enough that I would give up that right?”’

(11) God’s purposes, not ours, are what bring Him glory.

I know how it feels to know what you think would bring God glory.

I get it.  I explain to God all the time about how He could get glory from giving me certain things.

I’m sure you can see the ways that your children living full and happy lives would glorify God, but at the end of the day – we must trust Him.  We must acknowledge that He is wiser and knows more than we do and He is working all things to bring Him glory.

And the great news is that if God’s glory is TRULY our bottom line – then we can rest knowing that even the seeming obstacles are working to that end.

(12) God enables me to read His providences through the lens of His Word.

(13) I have few greater pleasures than tracing the wonders of God’s ways.

My prayer for all you sweet mom’s out there is that today you would find 10 minutes alone this weekend to reflect on His providence and be filled with the joy of tracing the wonders of God’s ways.

Consider all the millions of details, the millions of events He lined up to bring you to where you are today.  Meditate on all the circumstances that He aligned to make you the mother you are to the children you have.   Thank Him for the all the prayers that seemingly went unanswered to get you where you are today, and worship Him for His providence.

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