Question of the Week: 5 questions to ask yourself

I have a million questions right now that I’m thinking through myself, so I thought this might be a good time to give you some questions of your own to ponder.

We’re almost half way through this year.  Isn’t that crazy?  I’ve talked before about how godliness doesn’t just happen accidentally.  I think reflecting and intentionality is part of God’s gracious means of perseverance.

So here’s some questions to process through about your year so far:

1.  What has your interaction with God looked like so far this year?

If we believe in the God of the Bible, it should follow that our relationship with Him is the most important thing in the world.  Many of us would say that this is true of us, but take a good hard long look at your life so far.  What has your interaction with prayer looked like this year?  The Bible?  You can only love God to the extent that you know Him.  You know Him through the Word.  Do you love God more today than yesterday?  Why or why not?

2. If someone who didn’t know you tracked your schedule this year, what would they say are your top priorities?

Don’t just answer flippantly.  Take a minute to think about how you spent each hour this past week.  Then, take a step back and consider that schedule as an outsider to your life?  Where are you spending your time?  Does your schedule reflect God’s priorities?  Why or why not?

3. If someone who didn’t know you tracked your spending this year, what would they say are your top five priorities?

Again, take some time to really think about this.  Pull up your bank statement from last month and go through your spending.  Where are you spending your finances?  Are your resources building eternal things or temporal things?

4. How have your words reflected your heart this year?

Ask someone what you talk about most.  Or just go through a day keeping track of your conversations.  What do you spend most of your time speaking about?  Language is one of the greatest gifts God has given to us.  Words are a powerful tool of His perseverance in our lives and the lives of those around us.  Are you stewarding the gift of language well?

5. What do you want the next 6 months of your life to look like?

Think through the four questions asked above and spend some time prayerfully dreaming about how you want to answer those questions come December.  Pray.  Pray.  Pray.


One thought on “Question of the Week: 5 questions to ask yourself

  1. Ouch, Fabs! Idefinitely want to answer those questions differently six months from now! Whew…

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