Recap of Day 6


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    This is late.

    I was bummed that I didn’t get this in when I said I would. But there is something encouraging me even as I type that.

    Last night when I could have sat down to write day 6 stuff I justified every reason that I couldn’t possibly write. My computer was in my car. I just got done teaching. We were having company over the next evening and I had to prepare for that.

    And it wasn’t that I didn’t have time earlier in the day.

    My roommate’s mom was in town in the morning and I wanted to play with her because she is never here. My neighbors, who are always around and I love that, are really fun and when they were outside in the afternoon I wanted to be hanging with them, not writing.

    And as I made the choice to blow it off, I justified it in my mind by thinking it didn’t really matter all that much. This whole 7in7 thing is supposed to be for my benefit anyway – so if I decide to miss out on a day, then that is my prerogative.

    What stopped me in my tracks as I had that thought was the realization that I react the exact same way when it comes to my personal obedience/sanctification all the time. Things like spending meaningful timewith God through Hid word and prayer – living on mission – building up the Body of Christ.

    When I am feeling good and refreshed and life is reasonably convenient, I am all about fighting for things that I know are good for me.

    But turn the heat up just a little bit – or throw in the distractions just a little more than normal – and I will make the call that I don’t REALLY have to pursue those things for my good today. I am the only one that loses, right? And for that moment, I am willing to lose.

    But the truth is that God has given me all that I need to fight for my faithfulness and joy in those moments, too. He has more grace for me to survive the trip to my car where my computer is so that I can be faithful to my promise to participate in 7in7, just like He is faithful in every way.

    I am finding that I am too easy to convince that things are too hard. And I am far too willing to settle for less than God has for me. God is not withholding good from me – I withhold good from myself when I don’t believe His grace can accomplish in me what my flesh never could.

    And so this morning I repented to my God for thinking it’s no big deal to be unfaithful to my word – and for believing that I just didn’t have what I needed to be faithful. I put my hope in His continued faithfulness to provide grace and help when I come to Him. I even asked Him to help me to remember to come to Him to ask for help instead of giving up so easily. I worshiped Him for His kindness and patience with me.

    And you know what?

    Today I feel encouraged and compelled by His grace to keep going with what I have committed myself to. Not to write this out of compulsion or guilt – but out of a desire to be faithful like my Dad is – and through the grace that He gives me I will be like Him.

    And that is the kind of joy I want for me everyday.


    Here was my day:

    I worked two services in KIDS at West with the hubby.

    I ate leftover breakfast tacos for lunch.

    I tried to edit someone’s novel and fell asleep.
    Our roommate announced that his dad just died of a heart attack.

    I spent about an hour feeling shocked, helpless, and altogether confused.
    It’s still hard to believe.
    I picked up a present for a friend’s wedding.

    I stopped to take pictures of the sunset.

    And to pray.
    I went to church.

    I came home and ate dinner.
    My best friend called, which was a happy surprise.

    I put in a load of laundry, washed the dishes, took care of the dog, got ready for bed,

    And typed this.

    Which is totally uncreative and uninteresting and sad (because of the death), but at this point I have nothing else to say, except

  3. I feel like day 6 & 7 never happened to me and I’m just now getting around to reading blogs from what seems like ages ago!!! It was fun though! Next Fall I’m ready!

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