Reflecting and looking forward.

Alright pals.

Here are a few resources to help you reflect on this year and plan for the coming year.

  1. Here is a giant list of questions you can walk through if you’re into that!
  2. I’ve sent out worksheets to all of you on my mailing list (which you can get on here).
  3. If you’re looking for a really intense shot for your relationship with God, here are bootcamp resources.
  4. But, here are a few things I’ve done this year that have been really helpful:

Reflect on relationship.  The most important thing I think I’ve done this year is walk into some ‘marriage counseling’ for Jesus and I.  I imagine sitting there with a counselor and having them ask us some basic questions: how has this year been?  What is your intimacy like?  What are areas you’re missing each other?  How’s communication?  What are some painful things or conflicts that have fractured trust?  What do you want your relationship to be like?  What are some very basic things you can do to reconnect and remember what you enjoy about the other?

What would Jesus pray for you?  I’ve been thinking about how the Spirit intercedes for us and wondering – what does He want for me for this year?  If I came to Jesus and He laid hands on me and prayed for me, what would He want for me for 2019?

Reflecting on fears.  These are connected for me.  I’ve been reading a book about surrendering to God’s love and that being the foundation of joy in our lives, and the obstacle the book is discussing is fear.  I’ve been trying to identify the areas where I am making choices based on fear.  Some areas I don’t feel fear because the choices I’m making are saving me from my fears, but I am enslaved.  I have to keep making those same choices to be safe.  I made a list this year of my fears, asking God to show me areas I haven’t seen fear previously, and then reflecting on the choices I make out of slavery to fear.

I loved doing this because I realized that so many of my new year goals are really just new coping strategies for fear; plans to deliver me from my fears, rather than acts of rebellion against the master of fear.

What has to go in the jar first?  What does that look like on a weekly basis? I’ve written recently about the jar and I’m spending some time this weekend making a plan for what my time and week will look like if I prioritize the things that matter most to me first.  Sort of like money – there need to be areas of time that are non negotiable.  I have sleep.  I have to eat.  And I have to prioritize Jesus first. I cannot just hope that there is time left over for our relationship, just as I would not just hope there is money left over for rent.  (the sheets above have a time budget in them if that’s helpful).

Last thing: I shared this with those of you who did Advent with me, but this past month has been a little rough.  There has been a lot of exhaustion and frustration and regretfully bitterness about not being able to devote the time and energy I want to creating resources to help us survive this process of life.  Primarily, that has forced me to recognize that I have lost sight a little of the source of joy in my life – which is not freedom to write, but is Jesus.

It’s also forced me to recognize that I have to ask for more help without fear or shame.  I’m trusting God that in due time I’ll be able to invest my full time energy into this passion of mine.  I’m trusting that there will not be more joy waiting for me in that season than this one, because my Jesus is with me always and does not change.

And I’m trusting that He will bring partners who are interested in doing this with me.  If that’s you, you can to support these projects in one of the ways below:

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Much love to you all this season.

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