Satisfied: beware of using God.

[This is the last post in the Satisfied series]

There are two thoughts I want to leave you with as I wrap up this series.

God is glorified by being the fulfillment of your desires.

Last week was a rough one. I woke up on my sabbath feeling tired and drained and close to empty.  I felt a little bit weird because I was craving the Word and time with Jesus because I wanted to feel better.

That made me feel weird because I don’t want to just use God to serve my comfort idol.  I don’t want Him to be a means of some other end.  But God is honored by the fact that I think He is the key to my joy.

Can you imagine a husband turning angrily to his wife and saying: ‘I feel like you only want to be around me because you want to be happy!’  Imagine a parent saying to a child: ‘I’m tired of the fact that you are only trusting me because you think I know better than you how to make your life turn out okay!” 

Turning to God to satisfy our desires does not mean we’re using Him.  It means we believe He is the answer; we believe He is our joy.  And it’s an act of worship.  We make much of God, when we believe that He knows what’s best for us, when we turn to Him because we believe He will meet our deepest desires.

Obviously, it’s tricky.  It would be a tragedy if this series in any way led you to the conclusion that God exists to meet our needs and make us happy.

God does not exist to fulfill our desires.

Hear me clearly: God does make us happy, but that is not why He exists.

Everything you see, every hair on your head and every desire of your heart exists for Him.  We are the created being.  God is not.  He was not made for a purpose, He just is.  He made all of us for a purpose – to make much of Him.

And that’s important. Because God is gentle and kind and loving but He will not be used.  He is not some means to an end.  He is God.

He meets us and saves us and satisfies our hungry hearts, but we cannot forget in the middle of all of that: He is the Alpha and the Omega.  The God who whispers sweet promises to His people is the same Person who struck down a man who accidentally touched the Ark of the Covenant.

We must hear the warning: He is the Great I AM.  He is not some vending machine of feelings or gifts.  He is the satisfaction of all we long for because He is our Creator and Father and Lord.

My prayer is that you would turn to God with whatever desires are hidden in your heart today.

I know you’re lonely and sad and confused by life sometimes.  Me too.  I know that you have days when God doesn’t seem to satisfy. Me too. But we’re in the business of faith: believing in what we do not see and sometimes do not feel.

My prayer is that you’ll join me in banking everything on the truth that God is God and that He satisfies the hungry heart.

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