[Series: Rest] 3 ways to know if you have the right rest

 Stockholm and Spurgeon have inspired me to do a series on rest, unpacking three potential sources for the disease of feeling burdened:

#1 Working to earn worth

#2 Spending yourself for the wrong kingdom

#3 Right kingdom, but wrong way

I know the lies out there. I believe them as much as the rest of the world.

But I wrote this series at the end of a perfect vacation, so I have never been more sure that true rest is not found in a weekend away  It is not found in traveling around the world.  It is not found in time with family or friends.

The rest we want – the deep peace in the soul, the freedom from stress and anxiety, it is found in Christ alone.

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And before you say ‘sure,’ I think it’s important to know this: it is not an easy thing to believe that.

It may be an easy thing to acknowledge that in your mind; to give mental assent to the truth that Christ alone offers rest.  But to deeply believe – to bank on that truth so deeply that it determines your life – is no easy thing.

In fact, it is impossible.

Which is why we need Jesus .

Not just to offer us rest, but to rest in us and through us in His Spirit.  To teach us His lowly and gentle heart and to show us how to carry His yoke through His power; to bear the yoke with us.

Here are three ways to know if you’re finding your rest in Him:

#1 Our rest won’t depend on circumstances

Spurgeon says it better than I could:

“My brother, if you cannot rest in poverty, neither would you in riches; if you cannot rest in the midst of persecution, neither would you in the midst of honor. 

It is the spirit within that gives the rest, that rest has little to do with any thing without. 

Men have sat on thrones and have found them uneasy places, while others on the rack have declared that they were at rest.” – Spurgeon

#2 Our rest will set us free from fear of people

If we find our rest in Christ, it won’t be threatened by what people think or say about us.

“Take Christ’s yoke on you, live to serve him; take Christ’s burden, make it a point to bear all things for his sake, and you will not be affected either by praise or censure, for you will find rest to your souls in surrendering yourself to the Father’s will. 

If you learn of Jesus you will have rest from the fear of men.” – Spurgeon

#3 Our rest won’t be threatened by what seems like failure

It’s easy to believe that it’s Godly to feel unrest when a project falls through at work.  But here’s the crazy thing: Jesus’ ministry often appeared, (through human eyes), as if it were fruitless.

“Was Jesus discouraged? Was he, as we sometimes are, ready to quit the work? No; his heart rested even then. If we come to Jesus, and take his yoke and burden, we too shall find rest, though Israel be not gathered.” – Spurgeon

Here’s the deal: we’ve received rest from striving if we’ve come to Christ.  It’s done.  And now, because of that, we get to spend our lives finding deeper and deeper rest through taking on the yoke of our sweet Savior and carrying it in step with His Spirit.

Justification gave you rest from the burden of sin,

sanctification will give you rest from molesting cares;

and in proportion as it becomes perfect, and you are like your Saviour, your rest shall become more like that of heaven.

Amen, Spurgeon.  Amen.

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