Swinging swords at shadows

Let me tell you something about me: I hate shame.

I don’t just hate it intellectually, I hate it experientially.  The cells that store memory in my brain can well testify that I have felt its paralyzing power.

The insidious power of shame over past sin is that it keeps you fighting ghosts.  It distracts. It keeps you swinging at shadows, seeking to slaughter sins long dead.

It’s goal: keep you from seeking to slay shame itself.

Your past repentant sin is gone. Erased. As far from you as the east is from the west.  So, what is it that is torturing you?  Keeping you from moving forward? Keeping you from intimacy with God and people and ministry?  It is not a battle with past failure, but it is the present battle with shame.

Sometimes shame itself is the enemy left alive, fueled by unbelief.  At the root of your shame is not a battle against Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 12.45.49 PMsexual failure or hatred or anger or lust, but is a fundamental core misunderstanding of the Gospel. We believe lies like:

  • What we’ve done makes us unacceptable and unloveable to God
  • Our current identity is found in our past
  • Shame is honoring to God and evidence of humility
  • We are disqualified from ministry because of our past repentant sin
  • People have the power to condemn us
  • What we have done has or will ruin our lives


2 thoughts on “Swinging swords at shadows

  1. Thank you for offering these. Please clarify about 2) Battling Shame Program…is it only available in person, or will it be offered online/by phone? I so appreciate your ministry, but I live in Tennessee.

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