Stop right now.  Stop skimming your emails and rushing through your plans for the day or the week.

Stop clearing out your inbox and making your to-do list.  Just stop.

This will only take 30 seconds, 60 seconds tops.  Promise.Pinned Image

Stop for one minute and imagine that all you believe is true.

Imagine that God in all His infinite glory is really real.  Imagine that in His magnificent love He really did send His Son here for you to die and pay your debt so that no matter how you feel today there is only one reality left: you get God.

Forever and ever you get access to the pleasure and joy of knowing God.

And He reigns right now.  He rules over your day and He is directing your steps and He is working for your good in all things, in every way, at all times.

Just stop and shut your eyes and breathe in and out and remember that nothing will change about God between now and eternity.  He is and always will be exactly who He says He is.

He will never be more worthy of worship than He is right now.  He will never be more in control than He is right now.  He will never love you more than He does right now.


5 thoughts on “Stop.

  1. These thoughts were so encouraging today. Our family is going through a huge trial and I enjoyed being reminded that He IS reigning and guiding our path, even though it’s a treacherous one.

  2. Thank you I needed to hear this today. Just one of those days where everythings seems like its just IT(not nice IT) but this reminded me that God is IT!

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