Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Oh how fleeting this all is.  This life.  It is in fact just a breath.

One of the people you sit with at the table today will have to endure the loss of everyone else at that table.

I know. I know. So depressing, Fabs.

But is it?  Isn’t it what makes this all so beautiful?  Isn’t it those who were once sick that are so thankful for health?  The rest of us take it for granted.  Isn’t it those have lost homes and possessions so thankful when they once again have a place to lay their heads?  The rest of us feel entitled to our pillows. Isn’t it those of us who know that these bodies we can wrap our arms around today will one day be dust – aren’t we the ones who hold a little tighter?

Wasn’t the first Thanksgiving born out of the fact that living through the winter wasn’t – in fact – a given? Gratitude blooms where we are most aware of how very fragile this all is. 

I used to think that grief was the enemy of gratitude.  I was so so wrong.  Grief exists because something has been truly loved and when we enter into it and work through it and do the work of healing we find the truth: grief itself becomes expression of gratitude.

Thanksgiving is the reminder to not take any of this for granted; to notice this moment, these people around you and to breathe them in. Be brave enough to let them in to the deepest part of your heart, giving them all the love you have today – not out of denial, thinking they will never leave you, but in the knowledge that they are not and never were yours to own.  They are not yours forever.  Be brave enough to love them knowing that.  And let that knowledge – not fill you with fear – but with gratitude – that He has chosen to share them with you this moment.  That for today – they are yours to steward.

Thanksgiving is the reminder to let the sorrow of past losses be mingled with thankfulness that you were given gifts that are so beautiful and so precious that to learn to live without them is a painful process.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends.  May your hearts be filled with as much thankfulness as mine feels flooded with this morning.

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