The final 9 beliefs that make up my world-view

Happy birthday to me!! Here are the last 9 of the 29 beliefs that currently make up my world-view as I get ready to start my 30th year tomorrow!  Can’t wait!!

21. Life happens for me, not to me. One of the great things about believing (#10) God is sovereign, is that it put a firm foundation under the promise in Romans 8:28.  I can trust that God is working for me in all things – the big and the small.  When I look at my day today I no longer view it as things happening to me.  Instead, I can see everything as happening for me.

22. Allergies suck. If you live in Austin this needs no explanation.

23. Lost people matter. I believe (#20) there is only one God.  I believe that there are people who do not know the way to Him.  I want my life to be spent taking His gospel to the ends of the earth for those reasons and more.

24Broken people matter. Most of us tend towards either declaring the gospel or demonstrating it.  Very few of us have mastered both.  Jesus spent His life ministering to the physical needs of those around Him and addressing their spiritual needs with His hard and beautiful words.  If we neglect one or the other we offer an distorted view of God.

25. Thinking you’re immature is a sign of maturity. This one is going to be its own blog post pretty soon, so I won’t give too much away, (except the whole point).  Paul says that the sign of a ‘mature’ Christian is that they know they haven’t yet ‘matured’.  It’s a crazy concept, but one of the markers of maturing in Christ is being aware of the fact that you have not yet arrived.

26.  I need to know Scripture to persevere. I used to think memorizing Scripture was for VBS and Pharisees.  Turns out it’s for people who want to imitate the example of Christ.  I believe (#7) the Bible matters, so I believe that I should not only eat His word, I should have it available to eat all day, all the time.  I believe that memorizing the Bible is my way to have a two-way conversation with God.  It’s my protection against the enemy and the means to fight areas of unbelief in my own heart.

27. ‘No’ people are as valuable as ‘yes’ people. Because of my insecurity it gets really tempting to draw near to the people who will affirm my worth and value.  I can see the temptation in my heart to surround myself with people who will constantly tell me how smart and gifted and great I am. But hard words encourage as much as soft ones.  I want people around me who will challenge me, keep me humble, help me grow.  I want people around me who will push on my insecurities, not avoid them.

28. Getting God is the key to contentment. In the book of Hebrews, the writer reminds the people to be content in all things because God has said He will never leave them or forsake them.  If God is a part of my life – even the main part of my life – then He will not solve my discontentment.  However, if God is my life I rest secure.  I have everything I need in Him.  I have nothing to lose or gain that will add worth or security to me.

29. Sin can save. This sounds heretical and inconsistent with my belief that we must (#19) fight sin or die, and the belief that (#9) obedience matters.  But all I know is my own story.  It goes a little something like this:

I’m ending the 29 beliefs that make up my world-view with this one because as this year of my life comes to a close there’s one thing I know: God has saved me through my sin.

I knew the gospel before my sin, but now I know the gospel more deeply.  If I could re-write my story it would be flawless and powerful.  I would be the kind of woman who walked in faith without failure; who spoke softly and sweetly words seasoned with reason and peace.  I hate the offenses I’ve committed against my almighty God.  If I was the ultimate author my life would be filled with obedience and integrity, and it may yet be that way.  But not yet.  Not today.  God in His wisdom has written a different story for me.  He has a plan to make me dependent and humble.  He has begun to scribble that into me through my sin.

“God says, ‘Here is one, if he could be rid of this lust I should never hear of him more; let him wrestle with this, or he is lost’”. Astonishing! God ordains to leave a lust with me till I become the sort of warrior who will still seek his aid when this victory is won. God knows when we can bear the triumphs of his grace.”

I pray to be the type of warrior who will seek His aid in all things.  I want to be the type of believer who can bear the triumph victory over sin without yielding to the temptation of pride.  By His grace – through my sin – I am nearer to that on this birthday than I have ever been.


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