The Lord only knows (literally)

Great is our Lord, and abundant in power;

His understanding is beyond measure.

I wish so much that as I read that verse I felt my heart tremble inside my chest with delight and fear.

I want faith in that verse to change me.  I want it to unclench my heart and loosen the grip I have on the plans for my life.


That verse is about my God.

He’s great.

He has power just overflowing from His essence.

And you could compare His understanding to the vastness of the universe and you wouldn’t get close to its limits.

It’s almost comical to me: the way I walk around acting like I have enough knowledge to make sense of this world, managed and run by a God with unsearchable wisdom.

I constantly strategize for my life – as if I have any idea what is around the corner.

My friends and I discuss the motives of others – as if we have true knowledge of what’s in their hearts.

I pray to God, which sounds great,  but really I’m just using prayer as a way to try to control Him – as if I am the CEO, responsible for moving this world forward, and He’s the means to execute my plans.

If it wasn’t such an incredible offense against a perfect and Holy God, it might be cute.  Like when my 4-year old pal Ben shows me his jar of pennies and shares with me his plans of taking me on a date filled with donuts.  Or when he explains to me that when he grows up he is going to be ‘Bug-man’, (super power of Bug-man is apparently really hard to articulate.  I’ve asked.  It’s something about bugs).

Gosh, I want us to tilt our heads back and behold the vastness of our God.  I want us to grasp our insufficiency so that we can let go of all our pathetic plans and wrap our arms around His unbelievable sufficiency.

This God of understanding that cannot be measured – He promises to use His knowledge for the good of those who love Him.

This God who has foreknowledge, (not in like a ‘see-the-future’ kind of way, but in a ‘determines-the-future’ kind of way), He offers to direct our steps.

This God who is omniscient (meaning He knows every hidden thought of every single creature and human alive), He makes plans on our behalf.

This God who has intimate knowledge of all of us, send His Son so that He might to come inside of us and be our counselor.

I mean, He knows my hopes and dreams.  He knows about the ones I don’t even know about.  He knows the deep and dark places in my heart that no one sees – not even me.  He knows the molecules in my body.  He knows the cells in the water droplets in the clouds gathering together at this very moment.  And He knows those things for every human being whose life intersects with mine.  This God – the one who knows everything – is the one who invites me to lean into His Spirit to learn how to love my people better.

This God who has wisdom, (He knows how to steward His knowledge, always acting for a right end), He asks me to lean on Him instead of myself.

Right now, the God of unsearchable wisdom is calling me to trust Him instead of trusting in my planner or my memory or my strategy.  Guys, surely His commands are not too burdensome.

This feels like safety to me: taking refuge in the bigness of my God.

Cause gosh, isn’t it just the worst: to try to plan your own life when you have zero visibility to what’s around the corner and pretty limited understanding of which way is up or down in the present?

And doesn’t it sound like Heaven: to just trust in the Lord with all your heart, and not lean on your own understanding and trust Him to make straight your paths?

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