This is our God

I got here just in time for a prayer vigil last night. man, oh man.

My friend stood up with a steady voice and looked into the eyes of her missing fiance’s squadron brothers and informed them that we would be spending the night covering them with prayer. Tomorrow they will be back in the air and some of them do not know Jesus.

They came to be supportive of her and the pilot, and it was almost humorous to watch their response as she gracefully and boldly turned the tables.  She stood up and with calm clear words she thanked them for their support but informed them that God was actually her support.  She hadn’t asked them to come to support her, but rather to prayerfully beg God to give each one of them the same firm foundation in Jesus Christ that her fiance held each time he stepped in a plane.

We continue to plead with God to answer our prayers and deliver Joe – back to his family – eager to share the glory of God and testify that this is our God.

We prayed deep into the night and early as the sun rose.  I confess it is frightening to ask for so much from God.  I am not afraid of being disappointed with the outcome as I am afraid of being disappointed with God.  I see clearly now that I have protected myself, under the guise of ‘faith’ that asks for nothing and expects nothing.  As long as I never ask anything, God can never seemingly ‘fail’ me.

The words I see in the Bible seem almost embarrassingly bold and clear.  I read in James 5 about the power of prayer.  I hear Jesus in Luke 18 encouraging us to pray and not lose heart.  Faith moves the heart of our great God.  Prayers have purpose. I think that true faith would be an expectation without fear – knowing that God can never disappoint.

So, this morning, I am tired and I cannot imagine how tired my dear friend must be.  I cannot imagine how tired Joe might be.  I just know God is being glorified.

I sat beside my friend last night as we read scripture after scripture and prayed with brokenness, leaving it all at the foot of Him who saves.  I pray that today would be the day.

We read Ezra last night.  We read the story where the faithful children of God find themselves in a bit of a predicament.  They need protection, but they don’t want to ask the King.  They’ve already told the King and all his armies that their God will protect them.  So instead, they stop and fast and explain this to God, begging Him for help.  They have told the world that He is good, so they ask Him to reveal that and protect them.  He does, of course.

We ask the same thing.  The world is watching.  The news is watching.  The navy is watching.  The squadron men are watching.  We want to see You silence their doubts and make them to marvel at the might of our God. We know You are always good and that You alone have nothing to prove – but oh God, rise up and reveal the power of Your name.

My friend’s words this morning:

Father thank You for Your message of salvation. May this story You have written in these past 7 days show the world the great lengths You go to find the lost & bring them home to You. This relentless pursuit of Joe is symbolic of Your relentless pursuit of us. You love each person so much you desire their eternal rescue. You are the God who saves our souls from death. You alone are worthy. Thank you for finding me.

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