[ENTER ARCHIVES at your own risk. 

I’ve been blogging since the live journal days, so that means those who read my writing have gotten the chance to watch me change and grow with time.  

I can’t guarantee that I’m proud of the thoughts you might find in these archives, but I am sure I stand by some of it, and I can guarantee, I was probably doing my best at the time I wrote whatever you’re reading. 

I have chosen not to delete old posts, because I’m a person, and people grow, and that’s just real life.

plus the internet never forgets anyway. 

Overall, my advice would be: #Checkthedatebeforeyouhate.] 

I think Satan’s strategy when it comes to women and lust seems fairly obvious.  All across this country, women are going to sleep tonight convinced that they are absolutely alone in this fight; that they’re weird and wrong.  They don’t talk about their struggles because from every corner they hear about how unusual it is for women to struggle with lust.

So, I thought, on my distinctly female blog it might be helpful to dedicate an entire category for a struggle that pretty much every woman I have ever met struggles with: sexual sin.  Here are five posts that have hit a nerve:

  1. Blessings of Singleness #5: Lack of Physical Intimacy
  2. The ‘M’ Word.
  3. Big news: women struggle with lust.
  4. 4 ways to respond to a friend struggling with lust
  5. Question of the week: when is sexual desire sin?

Check out more resources on the topic here.

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