Three books to read

I am easily distracted.

I am easily convinced that the world that I can see and touch and taste and smell is the only world around me.

But God is faithful.  He always seems willing to interrupt my life to give me days where this tangible world gives way to His glory.

Those days are (obviously) my favorite.

I wake up with an eagerness to engage His Word.  I am zealous to destroy any threat of sin that might threaten my ability to see Him clearly. I am obsessed with doing whatever it takes to pursue His Spirit.  I wrap my arms around every means of grace and refuse to let go until He has met me there.

The month of May provided a string of days like that.  Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 6.24.30 PM

It’s hard to say if I read more books about God in May because I was super in love with Jesus, or if my affection for Jesus increased in May because God was moving through the books.

Either way, I’m so thankful for the words of older and wiser saints.

Here are three books that ended up on my desk (kindle) in May:

(1) A Puritan Theology

This is what it sounds like: a theology book.  So, I should warn you – I studied it rather than read it.

I jumped around to different chapters and devoted myself to one specific doctrine at a time.  My favorite chapters prompted some thoughts that I shared on the blog:

(2) The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment

This book was referenced in one of the chapters in the theology book and that’s all the endorsement I needed.

I have pages and pages of Evernote notes on this little guy.  It took a lot of thinking and chewing, but it was worth it.  It has triggered no shortage of thoughts:

(3) A Call to Spiritual Reformation

While I was reading the two books listed above, I was on vacation with some friends and one of them was reading this D.A. Carson gem.  After about the 1 billionth time I was forced to stop what I was doing to listen to an excerpt, I decided to just read it for myself.

I’m not finished yet, but man.  Guys.  I’m already recommending this one left and right, and I’m praying that God will use it to bear lasting fruit in me, my church and our world.

More thoughts on that to follow… 🙂

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