Three years ago

Three years ago today I wrote these words:

I have friends who are like family to me and they’re moving to the other side of the world for the sake of the Gospel.  They don’t just say they believe in Jesus and His mission.  They have sold their house and all their possessions and, with their 5 month old baby in tow, they’re running full speed to a pretty dangerous place.

This morning I watched them across the airport lobby, checking their bags as I held their son in my arms.  The sister and best friend of another member of their team stood there with me and we passed the baby from one to another.  Next time we see him he will be too big to tuck under our arms the way we can now.

As we distracted each other with random questions about our plans for the weekend, someone threw out the thought:  imagine how dumb we are if we’re wrong about God.

We laughed out loud.  It seemed hysterical to us: total idiots – standing in an airport, sending our best friends as far away  as possible to tell people about some magic Santa Claus in the sky.

But when our laughter died down our eyes met and their was a sober joy in each of our hearts.

Because we are banking everything on the fact that we’re not wrong.  And on mornings like this, the ‘everything‘ we’re banking feels a lot bigger.  We’re banking a baby and a family and the safety of some of the dearest people to us in the world on the fact that God is real and His Word is true.

Honestly, it’s breathtakingly encouraging.  Even in the tangled mess of unbelief that lurks in our hearts, we do believe.  That’s why we were laughing.  That’s why we can say goodbye with tears and pain, but not despair.  That’s why the word ‘crazy’ has never crossed our mind and the thought that this is ‘foolishness’ is a joke in an airport lobby; not a real concern.

We’re in.  We’ve put all our chips on the table and we’re in.

Whether we’re right or wrong – we’re in.  No turning back now.  We’re going to spend our lives for this Man who we believe is God.

…This goodbye is temporary.  It may be a year, it maybe be four years or it may be a lifetime, but I will see this family again.

Today I will drive over to see the woman I waved goodbye to in that airport three years ago.  I will pick up her three year old son and I will ask him how big a squish he wants today and he will tell me ‘just a small one’, because he says the others are too tight.  And then I will put him down and I will ask my friend how she wants to handle this week – this one year anniversary of her husband’s death.

I didn’t know what I was talking about when I wrote that blog post.  I wrote it oblivious to the future.  I was banking on the Gospel as much as I knew how, but there were deeper waters to walk on and a stronger faith to be found.  There was more loss to suffer so that more of Christ might be gained.

I was oblivious, but He wasn’t.  I was ignorant, but I was also right.

If I could write it all again, knowing what I know now, I would write the same words.  Maybe my hands would tremble a little more. There would be more tears.  My voice might shake with a deeper sense of the worth of our great God and the cost and reward of His call, but the words would be the same.

We’re in.  We’ve put all our chips on the table and we’re in.

Whether we’re right or wrong – we’re in.  No turning back now.  We’re going to spend our lives for this Man who we believe is God.  

Let it be with us as you have said.

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  1. Powerful post – made me catch my inner breath a bit! Is He worthy? Do we risk for Him? Thankful for you, for this family, for all who model true faith in an unseen God.

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