Top blog posts from June.

July is upon us. Between all the fireworks and festivities don’t forget to take a second to process your year.  Time has a tendency of getting away from us. This seems like a good time of year to take a breather and remember what this whole life thing is about.

Here are your favorite posts from this past month:

  1. Let me change.
  2. Father’s day (take two).
  3. Satisfied: be known.
  4. Satisfied: want glory (part 1).
  5. GC: Love vs. ego hunger.
  6. What to look for in a guy.
  7. Satisfied: beware of using God.
  8. Satisfied: get glory (part 2).
  9. GC: Jesus died to give us God.
  10. GC: 7 truths about God.

Let me know which topics/posts are most helpful to you!

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