Top ten for September

Happy October people.

Some things you should know about October are: (1) It’s my puppy’s 1st birthday this month,  (2) The Austin Film Festival happens in October and if you live in Austin you should be there.

When I was putting the ‘top ten’ together for August I noticed that you guys were responding to the posts that were the most raw, so in September the gloves really came off.

Here are the posts that resonated the most with you this month:

1. 9.11 (& why I don’t make deals with God).

2. 3 things I’m not going to say today.

3. The truth.

4. How to use God to worship idols.

5. Loosing my head.

6. Blessings of Singleness#4: The Pain of Rejection

7. Question of the week: why am i weary?

8. Identity Crisis

9. Are Women Crazy? [1]

10. 5 truths to get us through the week.

Six of the ten posts above were unplanned, meaning I started to post a previously written draft and then scrapped it at the last minute so I could be honest about what’s going on with me.

It’s crazy how many of you connect with where I am right now.  People in different stages of life, in different circumstances all seem able to relate to what I’m going through.

It’s encouraging to me.  It helps me believe that we all have the fingerprints of another world on our souls.

One thought on “Top ten for September

  1. It is easy to connect when you’re being honest. That is what I love about you. The fact that your fabulous helps a bit as well!! 😉

    Love ya!

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