Top ten from August


That means I can wear boots, right? And sweaters? (I’m not going to let the 100+ degree weather get in my way.)

Here are the top ten posts from this past month:

  1. Blessings of Singleness #5: Lack of Physical Intimacy
  2. 5 things I’ve learned from my pals
  3. [Series: Rest] Reason #1 we’re exhausted
  4. A Monday reminder
  5. [Series: Rest] Reason #2 we can’t rest
  6. 4 ways to tell if you’re a woman who fears the Lord
  7. A disastrous word
  8. [Series: Rest] 3 ways to know if you have the right rest
  9. [Series: Rest] reason #3 we’re so tired
  10. Go to God


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