Top ten thoughts from May

Boy, May just flew by, didn’t it?

I think June is going to go pretty fast as well…

Here are the ten posts you’ve enjoyed most this month:

  1. Three things to learn from the end of the world’.
  2. I want to die like Jonathan Edwards.
  3. Singleness Suffering series
  4. Responding to Arnie’s adultery.
  5. Why I’m afraid of motherhood.
  6. Are Women Crazy series
  7. A story and a quote.
  8. Are you rejecting God?
  9. Standing in the Gap
  10. What’s going on this week?

Do you see your favorite post on that list?  Let me know!


One thought on “Top ten thoughts from May

  1. I want to die like Jonathan Edwards, Are Women Crazy — and although this series isn’t on that list, Redeeming Emotions is also one of my favorites!

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