Top thoughts from January

January 2013.  Can you believe it?

If this month went as fast for you as it did for me you may have missed some posts.  Here are the ten that seemed to resonate most with you guys:

1. It’s time to speak – I’m tired of feeling like I have to pick between being a dry and irrelevant theologian or a passionate and relevant communicator who neglects the Bible.  I think there’s a third option for women in the church. I think we can be passionate, relevant and obsessively faithful to God’s Word.

2. 3 promises of the Gospel – If you need some good news, check this out.  The Gospel really brings with it some pretty great promises to wrap your soul around.

3. My explicit confession – I finally came out and explicitly communicated where I fall on gender issues.  I loved the conversation it sparked in the comments section too!

4. 7 sneaky symptoms of pride – A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across a super-convicting Jonathan Edwards essay on the sneakiness of pride, (he doesn’t use the word sneaky). This post is my processing of that article.

5. 3 truths to hold on to this year – There are a million things I want to hang on to this year, but if I had to boil it down to three truths it would be these.

6. A response – A pretty popular blogger wrote some harsh words about people with theology like mine.  This was my response.

7. Magical Moments – Sigh. I just want my life to feel like a movie.  You may be shocked to learn that it doesn’t.  I was even more surprised to learn that getting my heart around that might actually free me up to have more joy, not less.

8. How to deal with needy graspy Fabs – A post about my attempts to quiet my flesh.  Sigh.

9. For us – God is for us.  That’s great news, eh?  If it doesn’t feel like it, this might be a good post to check out.

10. Trust Me – This is God’s mantra in my mind these days.  At every turn, with every obstacle I hear Him speaking: trust me.


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