Two things I’m praying for marriage/singleness

Yesterday I processed why we should want marriage or singleness at all.

Today I thought I’d share some of the implications of those thoughts on my prayer life.  I spent some good time yesterday praying for:

(1) An undivided heart in singleness and an obsession to:

Display the spiritual nature of God’s family that grows from regeneration and faith, not procreation and sexScreen Shot 2013-05-20 at 6.41.55 PM

Father, I pray that you would help me not to waste this season of singleness.  Let me invest in those around me with as much vigor as mother invests in her children: with passion, prayer and love for those who are your lost sheep.

Seek sanctification through the peculiar pains and pleasures of singleness

Thank You for the ways I have learned the curves of Your face through the dark seasons and the gifts of joy that have come in this stage of life.  Let me not waste a drop of pain or a hint of pleasure. Let me exploit all the fullness of this season to learn You, to know You, to love You. 

Capture more of the single’s life for non-domestic ministry that is so desperately needed in the world

Protect me from the temptation to view myself as the owner of my time and resources.  Let me spend myself radically for Your cause. Let me be fully devoted to Your mission in this world and let me exploit this season to that end. 

Magnify the all-satisfying worth of Christ that sustains life-long chastity

Please Father, don’t let me waste this season without physical intimacy.  Let me use it to demonstrate to Your enemy that I believe You hold more pleasure in your right hand than he can offer in all the world.  Please let me use this as a opportunity to magnify – to be a picture and a demonstration – of Your all-satisfying worth.

(2) For marriages around me to:

Display his covenant keeping love between Christ and the church

Father, I pray for those around me that You would make the heartbeat of their marriage about displaying Your covenant filled with forgiveness, grace, mercy, love and truth.  I pray that they would respond to the failures and flaws they see in one another with grace and comfort from the Gospel.  

I pray for singles – that they would be so in love with Your covenant that the primary reason they would want marriage is to act Your covenant out so that others might see how crazy great You really are.   

Sanctify the couple with the peculiar pains and pleasures of marriage

Give us eyes to treasure marriage for the unique ways it enables us to get more of You.  I pray for all those experiencing seasons of joy in marriage – that they would learn more about Your heart for Your kids in these moments.  I pray for those in trials – that You would help them to find You in the unique pain that comes from being failed by a covenant partner, disappointed by a best friend.  Let them lean on their true covenant partner and most faithful friend – Jesus Christ.

Beget and rear a generation of white-hot worshippers

Father, worshippers of Your name are not made by heritage but by Your Spirit through prayer, sharing the truth of your Gospel, and through deep love.  Give parents a passion to be the means of Your life-giving grace while protecting them from the danger of assuming the role of Savior in their kid’s lives.. 

Channel good sexual desire into holy paths and transpose it into worshipful foretaste of heaven’s pleasures

Please give couples the grace to see physical intimacy as a metaphor of Your covenant.  I pray for those who are single that they would have a right view of this gift – not denying its goodness, but that they would seek to stir up their imaginations for the oneness we have in You.  And that married and single alike would long for the consummation of that oneness we will enjoy when You return to collect your bride. 

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  1. I loooooove this post, Fabs! 🙂 Thank you!! Great prayers!

    (FYI I think you mean “consummation” in the last line, not consumption….). 🙂

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