Val’s Day 4: My Day

I did manual labor today and I feel like I could just die right now.

About 8 weeks ago my roommates and our neighbors started a home improvement project at our house. The funny thing about it is that we are leasing this joint; we don’t even own it. But we got a bee in our bonnet to do some DIY stuff and that is where the idea for an underground fire pit came from.

One hour after the idea was born my neighbor and I hadrented something called an ‘auger’. It is essentially a giant drill that makes huge holes in the ground – it takes two people to work – and it starts like a lawn mower. If you have an image in your mind that could make the PinterestFail website – then you’re on the right track. The guy did great – but this girl doesn’t make a helpful construction worker.

After we dug a pretty sizeable hole it slightly resembled a grave that only lacked a warm body. It was pretty funny and we think only a few of our neighbors suspect that we are serial killers. That is where the DIY project stood for 8 weeks. We just let time get away from us.

Until today

Today we had our neighbors over and another family with some serious construction skill – and they spent their WHOLE day serving my roommates and I. In my heart I would love to list all the things they did – but honestly I don’t even know the names of the things they did. Something with metal – other stuff with some sort of wire grid shape – lumber was cut – there was concrete poured – and mortar stuff made and smeared places – there was even a trailer full of gravel purchased and unloaded (with several trips) to go around our new fire pit. It was all very Bob Villa.

And the result? We are almost completely done! We just have a couple more things to do once the concrete fully sets. Which I have to assume is a process I can’t ruin otherwise these people would have never left me alone in my home.

What did I learn? I have the best neighbors in the whole, wide world. And God has given me some really sweet friends that spend lots of their time thinking of ways to bless me. And that is pretty wonderful. Dayslike today remind me of ho much God must care for me.

I also learned that DIY was meant to be done in community. Otherwise you just have graves in your backyard forever.

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