Val’s Day 5: Cindy Vance

I talked to Cindy Vance on the phone today. She called to tell me she was driving to College Station because her friend needed to take her daughter a car – and my mom’s job was to get the mom back to Garland after the hand-off.

She also told me that I should play the lottery more. She always says that.

For those of you that don’t know, Cindy Vance is my mom. She is quite the character. In fact, she is the kind of character that authors dream they had the imagination to create. She is such a wonderful blend of crazy and inspirational; hilarious and compassionate; shockingly generous and generously shocking.

My roommate was in the car when she called and she said something always happens to me when I talk to my mom on the phone. My voice changes, my tone changes, my Garland-drawl really starts to come out. I have never believed that I have a southern accent. But that thought was blown up when I traveled internationally and people from other countries didn’t just know I was from America – they knew I was from Texas. And, if they knew about Garland, my guess is they would have pegged that too.

What I do know is that some of my favorite stories in life happened because my mom is who she is. Apparently (my mom assures me) thesestories also only happened because of the timing of my childhood. Turns outparents in the 80’s and early 90’s were a little more free and loose with the child-rearing than they are now.

That’s ok with me.

I have attributed most of my character development to the Lord’s use of these tales. And whether that is true or not, I wouldn’t trade them. I also could not have picked a better mother to walk with me through this life. And my theology agrees with that. God picked the perfect lady. He wasthinking of me a little bit when He made her. And I am so thankful to God for her life. She has made me laugh all my life and somehow she’s gifted me a childhood that helps me make others laugh too.

And you better believe if I ever have kids – they too will be gifted a childhood that will make their future friends belly laugh.

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