He’s good at waiting.

He’s been doing it since before the foundation of the world when He dreamed this whole thing up.

Waiting for the fullness of time.  Waiting for the moment of redemption in a billion different stories.  He’s waiting now.

He’s waiting for me to turn back from the pigpen, waiting for my shadowy figure to appear on the horizon, waiting to fling up His robes and run toward me.  He’s waiting for me to turn off the TV and open the letter He left me to tell me to assure me that I’m not alone no matter what it looks like.

He’s waiting for His Father – our Father – to give the word so that He can finally leap off that throne and come get His bride.Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 6.04.50 PM

He’s been waiting so long that He should be out of His mind, but He’s not.  He’s waiting patiently, because He knows all those things are inevitable.

He didn’t leave this thing up to chance, after all.  He’s not that kind of guy.

He’s sent His Spirit to clear my senses to see and smell the disgusting reality of the pigpen; to clear the fog in my head so I can remember what it feels like to be wrapped in His arms.  Repentance is inevitable.

He’s sent His Spirit to wreck and redeem my taste buds so that I get tired of laboring for what doesn’t satisfy and crave the words of His love letter.  He’s sent the Spirit to flood my heart with faith so that I can believe His promises and endure the longing hunger pangs,  refusing to settle for the fast food of the world when I know He’s coming.

He’s sent His Spirit to weave my impatience with this life into a faithful cry of maranatha in my heart.

I am impatient for Him to come, but I got nothin’ on Him.

Nobody wants us to be face to face more than Him.  Nobody wants Heaven to come to Earth more than Him.  Nobody wants freedom for the slave and justice brought and grace and forgiveness to reign more than Him.

Nobody wants to watch the unspeakable delight spread across my face when my faith is finally sight more than Him.

But He’s waiting.

Because He trusts the Father.  Because He knows my story is not done – not today, not tonight.  Because He knows there is more to be done in me and more to be done through me.  Because He knows there are more sheep still to be brought into this glorious fold that is our family, my family.

Because He doesn’t leave a man behind, He’s not that kind of guy.

Because He knows the delight of Sunday that comes after the painful waiting of Friday and Saturday.

Because He wants better for you than you even want for yourself.  And He’s willing to endure a waiting like nothing you will ever feel to give you a joy like none you can imagine.

He’s just that kind of guy.

2 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. This is cool; I was just now thinking of the frustration of my own waiting upon God. But what a matter of perspective to be reminded of God’s perfect waiting upon me. I mean, good word.

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