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On Saturday I spoke at The Verge Conference.

The topic assigned to me: making disciples of women in a post modern world.

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Honestly, preparing was sort of a train wreck.

I have lots of thoughts on the topic, but too much for one talk and too many practical details. I tried to zoom out and just say the thing that I think matters most:


we are neither going to be or make disciples of Christ if we aren’t women with a deep sense of our own neediness, our own insufficiency.

That sense of need is a little lost in our post modern world.  We’re obsessed with limiting discomfort, and let’s face it, insufficiency, feeling needy, it’s uncomfortable.

And I’m a little frustrated.

I’m frustrated with myself and others for making a world in which it’s possible, no – encouraged, for women to consume theology in environments where they will never be forced to wrestle and apply.  I’m frustrated for being a part of a generation that thinks we can be discipled and disciple at a distance, through a blog or through a conference.

Look, I met Jesus at a conference through a woman whose name I learned for the first time this weekend.  Praise God for conferences.

But true disciple making happens in the places where we have no room to eject and no space to escape.  It takes true community, who know you well enough to meet you exactly where you are and move you toward the place where Jesus is wanting to take you.  It takes more than me, sitting at a computer typing letters.  It takes more than the Spirit in just me.  It takes you. It takes Jesus in you.

Because the command to make disciples wasn’t given to an individual, it was given to a group of people called the Church. He made us to be insufficient on our own.  He made us to need Him, and the shape He takes in every single one of us.

You know what our generation does when we feel insecure?  We blame or we eject.

And I’m fighting the urge to do that right now.  It’s tempting to blame others for the issues I see among women in the Church.

I work for a church. I’m the one who needs to take responsibility here.  I’m the problem. I’ve reduced what it means to be and make disciples so that I can feel okay about it.

I don’t have to blame or eject, because my failure is not the end of the story for me or this generation.  I have a sweet savior and a glorious redeemer who has this crazy habit of using the very people who caused the problems to be tools in the solution.

So, here’s one thing I want to try: building a network.  Linking arms.  Joining hands with other women who are doing this thing, on the ground, in the trenches.

What will this network do?  We’ll encourage each other, try new things  share ideas and push each other to never forget to be disciples.

If you want to hear more, go here and give us your info and we’ll keep in touch.

It’s time guys.  It’s time to remind each other that there are bigger things happening here than your to-do list and your irritating co-workers or your messy house.

Let’s do this thing.

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