Well, it’s that time again…

It’s time for…7in7!!

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For the past several years, a group of musicians have spent a week every so often challenging one another to write seven songs in seven days.

Last year, we thought it might be fun to get a group of writers together and try the same thing.

It was awesome.  I learned so much, and I loved getting to see all the different kinds and styles and passions of writers out there.

This year…JOIN US!

We’ve formalized things a tad, so now writing is an official part of 7in7.  Check this out:

7-in-7 is a community of songwriters, storytellers, and artists boldly taking on the challenge to create SEVEN complete pieces of art IN SEVEN consecutive days. What initially started as a songwriting exercise has since transcended artistic boundary becoming an exercise that artists from all different scope and scene participate in. Whether our artistry be expressed in the form of songwriting, literature, digital media, or studio art, may we continually aspire to be stretched and grown as artists.

GUYS!  Let’s do this thing!  Sign up here, and then read and follow what’s going on here.

Some of you might already be talking yourself out of doing this.  Here are three common obstacles I hear from people (and myself) that are NOT reasons to count yourself out!

You can’t write under pressure.

I hear you!  Writing is like surfing – either the wave is there or it’s not.  Think of 7in7 as committing to paddle out every day and jump up on the board.  Nobody is trying to prove that they’re the best surfer, we’re all just honing using the muscles and instincts that help us become better surfers.

You don’t want other writers to read what you write.

I was terrified to do last year’s 7in7 because I knew I was going to write some stuff that’s sort of out of the box for me.

Writing is vulnerable; there are some things you write that aren’t made for others to read.  And I don’t really know what to tell you on this, because I still feel this way.  Just know this – you can share what you have.  No one expects it to be perfect or finished. It’s all about the process.

You’re scared that you’ll feel insecure when you read what other writers write.

Okay – maybe that’s just me.  But I was really scared last year that all of a sudden writers that would come out of the woodwork and scared that I would feel threatened and jealous when I read other people’s stuff if it was better than mine.

But I didn’t feel that way at all. Reading everyone’s posts made me realize that, while we all have writing in common, we have such different stories and different voices.  This process made me feel more unique, not less.

At the end of the day, my advice would be: don’t over think it.

Let’s just try this thing together.

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