We’re over it.

A friend pointed me to this blog yesterday.

Here’s my favorite part:

We’re choking on cutesy things and crafty bits, safe lady topics and if one more person says that modest is hottest with a straight face, I may throw up. We are hungry for authenticity and vulnerability, not churchified life hacks from lady magazines. Some of us are drowning, suffocating, dying of thirst for want of the cold water of real community. We’re trying really hard – after all, we keep showing up to your lady events and we leave feeling just a bit empty. It’s just more of the same every time.

The women of our world aren’t looking for a safe place to bitch about housework and ooh-and-ahhh over centrepieces. We’re not all mothers, some of us work outside the home, some of us have kids and others
don’t or won’t or can’t. Is womanhood only about wifehood and motherhood?

I love this.

I love it because just last week I sat outside Chipotle for three hours with a friend and with desperate voices and urgent passion we dreamed about what our generation of women are needing and somewhere else in the world, some woman with the same Spirit is feeling the same thing.  We’re all just over it.

We’re over curly fonts and ‘how-to date’ seminars.  We’re over the fact that men are sitting around talking about how the blood of Jesus will enable us to finish the race while we huddle in the room next door to talk about how to be a better wife or mom or how to be the kind of single who can snag a really great guy.

Look, I’m passionate about people being equipped for motherhood and singleness and all the struggles that each stage of life can bring.  I’m passionate about the fact that women are different from men; intentionally and deliberately and gloriously different.  But biblical womanhood is about so much more than a stage of life.

I met Jennie Allen a few months ago, and the minute I did it was like parts of my heart woke up.  Not because she’s special, (although I kind of think she is), but because she gives words to things that I’ve had in my head for far too long.  You know what is neat about Jennie?  She genuinely thinks we can be a part of something different.

My heart is waking up because for the first time in a long time I look around and I don’t just see all the problems with the way ministry for women is being done.  Instead, I see all the opportunities.  I see the ways we are all waking up.  I see all that God might have for our generation of women.

Only thing is, I’m far-sighted.  I can see the big picture but I can’t see the step right in front of me.  I know where I want to go but it’s like I’ve forgotten how to walk.  I’m tongue-tied and jumbled up and there’s this little voice inside my head that’s sweet and soft and it’s saying: sit this one out.

Sit this generation out.  You’re a mess, Fabs.  You’re not the girl who is going to be a part of something great.  You’re too selfish and crazy and arrogant and sinful and damaged.  

This isn’t the season, and you aren’t the girl.  

But then I think about Moses and David and Judah and all the other folks who were selfish and crazy and arrogant and sinful and damaged who God used for great things.

And I just keep thinking that sweet soft voice doesn’t sound anything like my Savior.


Last week I sat down and I prayed and processed and poured onto paper a ‘vision’ document for my life.  I wrote down all the things I think are true about the unique way God has made me for such a time as this.  And tomorrow I’ll share some of that because my word count is already too high for today. 🙂

6 thoughts on “We’re over it.

  1. “But biblical womanhood is about so much more than a stage of life.” — YES!! Looking forward to tomorrow.

  2. Fabs,
    I think this all the time as well “Sit this generation out. You’re a mess, Fabs. You’re not the girl who is going to be a part of something great. You’re too selfish and crazy and arrogant and sinful and damaged.

    This isn’t the season, and you aren’t the girl.”

    And truth be told I am a mess, but I am learning that my mess will bring glory to Him, I just have to be willing to live my mess openly! I am excited to hear your vision for your future!

  3. I went to a missions training once, and after dinner the spouses (wives) went to another room to do “lipstick personality tests.” I stayed in the training, and one of the men asked, “Are you going to the spouses session?” I just looked at him and said, “I’m not a spouse.” Haha! I was furious not just for myself, but that these amazing women were being left out of such an important training about how to be missionaries in their own context! We are ALL missionaries, and I am so excited to see how God works in this generation and in generations to come! I love lipstick and personality tests. I love Jesus more.

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