What do women have to do with biblical manhood?

Great sermon Sunday at the Austin Stone.  If you haven’t heard it, I recommend going here.  Loved hearing Matt challenge men and love the elevation of biblical manhood that’s happening in our body.

Coming out of the sermon, I weirdly had women on my mind.  We have so many great and amazing women in our body, but whenever I hear Matt bring the heat on men, it is so crazy how I find myself and other women responding.  I feel the self-righteous ‘you get ’em Matt’ in my heart, and I hear the same thing in surround sound from the women around me. I hear complaints about how ‘immature’ the men around us are, and I hear claims that our sins and our issues would be fixed if men would just be men, and I hate that.  Cause I’m pretty sure that the root of my sin is in my heart not in circumstance.

I think the best way for women to encourage men to be biblical men might just be to embrace what it means to be biblical women.

I say this with all the love in my heart: ladies, we have not arrived.

We don’t have a platform to stand on and nag men about how they’re failing.  We’ve got plenty of work to do in our own hearts. In fact – the very way I am hearing women respond (myself included) confirms that we women have a couple of dangerous sin tendencies of our own.

Instead of thinking through the list of men I know and trying to peg their weaknesses, I thought it might be more productive to think through what this looks like in my own heart.  I’ve been wrestling for sometime what it might look like for me to press more into how God has wired me as a woman.

So, (with the help of John Piper, Wayne Grudem and Ronda Chervin), I tried to think through some of our tendencies as women and what those tendencies might look like when redeemed.

Over the next couple of days I’m going to flesh out FOUR different sin tendencies that I see in myself and other women.  Check out the preview below and stay tuned!!

1. Sin of Passivity

2. Sin of Covetousness

3. Sin of Manipulation

4. Sin of Over Emotionalism

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