What I’ve learned from 7in7

[Day 7 of 7in7]

Guys.  We did it.

We made it to day 7.

And how do I feel about this process?  About these last seven days?

Hmm… I guess I expected it to feel more…stressful?  I think I’d forgotten that the practice of writing every day was especially new to me.  I’m used to being forced to write when I don’t feel like I have anything to say.  I’m used to fighting through that feeling and putting words on a page.

But I’ll tell you what was a shocking win for me out of this process: the community aspect.

I had no idea how encouraging it would be to see and know that other writers were out there wrestling and writing. I had no idea how excited I would be to read what they wrote. I had no idea how inspired and motivated I would feel by seeing how gifted so many people are.

Where I thought this would make me want to shut down – it made me want to step up.  

Reading writers who write differently and (in my opinion) better than me, made me want to be a more faithful writer.  I was reminded of how I used to feel about words.  There was a time when I used to pick the ‘bon mot’ (the best word) with a delicious precision, just the way my junior english teacher Mrs. Omohundro taught me.

These days, I just throw words on a page, edit once or twice and roll with it.

Reading other writers reminded me that I don’t want to be so careless with words.  They are precious cargo with crazy potential.  

Where I thought I would feel jealous – I feel proud.  

I know that proud is a super condescending word, so I hate to use it, but it’s the closest thing to how I feel.  Like: neat! Look at all these writers!  They’re so good! I want to show them off!!

I think I was scared a little bit to do this 7in7; scared of all the writers that would come out of the woodwork and scared that I would feel threatened and jealous when I read other people’s stuff if it was better than mine.

But I don’t feel that way at all.

And I think that’s the most encouraging thing of all.

It makes me feel like maybe God is real and maybe I’m really His and maybe He’s working me and maybe jealous doesn’t have to be who I am.

Where I thought I would feel less unique, I feel more unique.

Sometimes I want to roll my eyes and close my blog, because it just feels like everybody is a writer.  And if everyone is a writer than why do I need to write?  Can’t others say the things I want to say?  And do we really need one more voice in this world?

But this week made me realize how unique everyone really is.

Reading everyone’s posts made me realize that, while we all have writing in common, we have such different stories and different voices.  This process made me feel more unique, not less.

So, 7in7, I pronounce you a victory!

4 thoughts on “What I’ve learned from 7in7

  1. My second favorite line of your post: “I was reminded of how I used to feel about words.” So glad you fell in love with them again.

    My favorite line of your post: “It makes me feel like maybe God is real and maybe I’m really His and maybe He’s working me…” I’m smiling. And have no words.

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