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Well, Gouda I have a blog post, but I’m re-editing it for the get Antwerp Trained blog instead, (which i highly recommend you check out at http://www.austinstone.org/what/gt_blog)

But what else?  What interesting things have happened to me cheap nfl jerseys today? Well, here’s Easters one interesting tid-bit about me.  Before I was a believer I had a lot of jealousy.  I distinctly remember чем feeling proud of myself for being open about my jealousy and declaring it ‘a perfectly natural part of the wholesale MLB jerseys human condition’. wholesale NBA jerseys  When I became a Christian it kind of wholesale NBA jerseys just One-Page vanished away over night.  

One thought on “what to blog about…

  1. 1) The Holy Spirit will help you endure- keep fighting. Yay!

    2) I really believe that you have a ‘sin to defeat today checklist.’ And that it’s color-coded. And it probably involves a Mind Map.

    3)I love you, dear friend!!

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