RDJ, Mel & the Gospel

Happy Monday to you.

Today I need to be reminded of the great grace of our Gospel.

And to that end I’m going to share a Robert Downey Jr. speech with you.


Disclaimer: There are lots of theological snags in this speech and some profanity.  Nevertheless, in my heart that loves and treasures the Gospel, I see in RDJ’s words a great glimpse of the common grace God gives to us all.  

But our Gospel is even better than this.  

Our Gospel extends to those sinned against and those who are the sinners.  

Our Gospel finds any heart, no matter how dark, no matter how evil.  

Our Gospel holds out more than a blank slate and more than an acceptance of our ‘cactus self’. 

Our Gospel is a re-writing of our slate and a re-making of our inner beings.  



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