Why I won’t write a blog post this morning

I have 46 drafts in my blog ‘draft’ box.

46 blog posts that I’ve started.  46 thoughts that aren’t finished.

And this morning, there’s nothing I want more than to finish one.  I want to take one and knock it out.

But just yesterday I sat in our team meeting and shared with my co-workers that I think I’ve been behaving a little bit as if God is my employee.  I have so much stuff I’m working on that takes creative energy and Spirit led insight.  So, I sit down at my desk, look at the clock and explain to God that I have x amount of hours to write x amount of lessons, blogs, articles.

And then I sit there.  Waiting for God to do His thing and tapping my watch in case He doesn’t know the deadlines, as if I’m His project manager.

And as I confessed that to our team yesterday, one of my co-workers reminded me that God doesn’t work to my timeline.  And the gifts He’s given me are to be used on His terms, not mine.

I want to have a new and exciting blog post for you today, but I think it’s probably more important that I use the mental energy I have left to sit at the feet of Jesus and ask Him to focus and steady my mind on Him; not what He can do for me.  Him.

Knowing God, treasuring Him – that matters more to me than producing for Him.

So, if you came to this blog this morning looking for inspiration I’m going to encourage you to do what I’m doing: go to His Word.  Ask His Spirit to teach you.

Maybe this morning His Word won’t ‘produce’ for you the way you want.  Maybe it won’t bring an amazing feeling or give you a feeling of energy for the day, but we have the promise that His Word is living and active and effective without fail; whether we feel that reality or not.

Pray for me this morning, and I’ll pray for you.

Let’s fight the urge to use God.

3 thoughts on “Why I won’t write a blog post this morning

  1. Guess what, you did write something that took Spirit led insight. It might not be what you wanted to write, but it’s maybe what He wanted you to write. I think instead of asking God for inspiration on the things we want to accomplish is perhaps not as effective as asking God for inspiration for the things he would like to accomplish.

    Thanks for praying for me 🙂

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