Why no one needs to feel weird on father’s day

Happy Father’s Day.

What a complicated story our God is writing.

He is writing it through your father and mine.  He is writing it through the perfect dads out there and the broken and absent men.

Esther seems the perfect book to read on Father’s Day.

It’s a story of twisted circumstances, turned so strangely for the deliverance of God’s people.  It’s confusing to me.  The King decrees the Jews be killed and instead of just changing the King’s mind, God engineers a crazy series of random events to rescue His people.  Why the complicated plot?  Why the intrigue and drama?

I guess because God knows His people need to know that He is at work in the complicated plots and the crazy drama.

God had a plan to save the Jews
From Haman’s wicked scheme: to use
Not Shimei, nor Abihail,
Nor mighty armies to assail
The Persian palace walls, but me,
A Jewish orphan girl, to free
The sons of Israel from death.

And even now it takes my breath
Away to think about the ways
Of God, and how from ancient days
He planned it all, and ruled the world,
Right down to how my hair was curled

– John Piper

God made Esther’s hair in such a way that the King of Persia would pick her as a Queen.  He made Vashti rebel, made Hamman arrogant, picked the place for Mordecai to sit.

And that same God picked your father for you.

I know that some of you feel the very great sense of your father’s ‘rightness’ for you and some of you feel something very different.

Some of you feel loved and wanted and chosen and blessed.  Some of you feel angry and hurt and bitter and rejected.

But none of you need to feel weird about today.

We all get to celebrate today – without hesitation or doubt – that God gave us the right dad.

Our God does not make mistakes. He does not withhold good things.  He is working all things for His people.

The same God who made Esther’s hair and my hair so differently, that same God chose that I would be without a dad today.

The same God gave a King a sleepless night at the perfect moment – this same God has withheld from me the hug I want this week.

Our celebration doesn’t have to be one that diminishes the pain of loss or failure or hurt.  But, by God’s grace –  let our celebration make much of promises that were made for moments of pain and loss and failure and hurt.

He did not leave me alone.

He has not left me an orphan.

He gave me His sweet Spirit who has – even this day – opened my eyes to His Word in the book of Esther to see that His plan is complicated and glorious and perfect.

How can I doubt such a God?  How could I mistrust Him?

let us sing
Now, like you said, together eye
To eye. The God who made the sky
And rules the earth with awesome might,
Is wielding all the world this night
To bring this story to an end
Beyond our power to comprehend.

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