Words from a friend

This morning I woke up with a steady heart.

This past week I have felt progressively more and more overwhelmed, but this morning it felt like I finally felt low enough to surrender and I feel…free.

I clicked ‘add new post’ as soon as I could get to my blog today.  I was ready and eager for God to give me the right words to describe all that He is doing: how real and raw my faith feels today.

But I never typed a word, because instead I opened my inbox and found the words that I wanted to write had already been written by someone else.

I had an email in my inbox this morning from a dear friend.  What she’s walking through is hard on a different level. And has no sense of resolution or end in sight.

The words I share below, while they echo my heart, they are hers.  And they have been born out of real and deep suffering and pain and they articulate the beautiful truth that I am banking everything on today.

Guys, Jesus isn’t a cliché.  This whole faith thing: it’s not a bumper sticker.  It’s all we have.

Read her words and know that they are true:

This is hard.  This is radical.  God you are God.  You are the potter and we are the clay.  You have the right over the clay and I know that you cause all things to work together for good – for Your purposes and Your good – and it does sanctify those who you have called.  But this is a new level of sanctification and a new level of faith.

My faith cannot rest on a false assurance that God will make all the things I hope for come into being.  My faith must rest on the assurance of God’s promises and His faithfulness as He has told me and demonstrated to me through His word from Genesis to Revelation.  This is my faith and it is hard because it is not easy.  It is not natural.  But my God is good and my God knows best and my God is the Creator and potter and there will come a time, at the end of earthly time, when I will see Him face to face and my faith will finally be by sight and I will say Amen.

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