Words from the front lines

I have several friends who are far away right now.

When I go to sleep tonight they will be waking up to a new day on the other side of the world.

They’ve given up most of what makes us feel comfortable or safe because they think God is serious when He says that there is an unshakable Kingdom outside this world.  They believe that there is joy to be found in proclaiming the glory of the King to those who have never heard His sweet name.

It sounds glorious doesn’t it?  When you zoom out and talk in epic words, it sounds good.

But in my experience, life rarely feels like it sounds.

The life of an ambassador is exhausting, no matter where you are.  I got this email from them last week.  It may not be the shiniest report from the front lines, but it encourages me none-the-less:

What to do when you can’t do?

That’s pretty much been the story of our team to date.

I think we all have romanticized views of suffering hard and winning souls, but in the unreached, endurance is the name of the game. There’s nothing glamorous here, just fighting for joy and fighting for what we know God WILL do.

We don’t speak [the language] well enough for many conversations that need to be had, and they don’t speak English well enough so we’re in the phase where we spend a lot of time on language. At times it feels like we’re not doing anything…That’s the hard part of this work. No visible fruit and little to no prospects. That makes perseverance much harder. It makes raising support harder. It makes leaving our friends and family harder.

Everything is less intriguing. In a lot of ways we’d rather be getting our hands dirty, thrown into prison, persecuted, or deported. At least it would feel like we were on the front lines. But we’re not there yet.

We know that what we’re doing is of utmost importance, but in the day-to-day grind…it can be a bit oppressive. We’re convinced God has us here and we’re convinced he will bear fruit from this time. Maybe not while we’re alive, but we know this isn’t in vain.

Pray for endurance, pray for joy, and pray for more laborers. John 10:16 is the foundation of what we’re doing and thankfully we REALLY believe it!

“I have other sheep that are not of this fold. I must bring them also.”

There are sheep here…finding them is the tough part 🙂

Take a second if you will and pray for my pals.  I tell you what: I wouldn’t part with them for a less noble cause.

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