Your favorite blog posts from February.

Well, another month is gone and it’s March – my birthday month!  YAY!

Here are my top posts from this past month:

Looks like February really is the month of love.  Almost 50% of my most popular posts from this past month had something to do with relationships.

1. 2 ways to deal with being boy crazy.

2. Sigh. Valentine’s day.

3. Blessed are those who get more.

4. Discombobulated.

5. 3 reasons I can’t pray the Lord’s Prayer.

6. No one for me.

7. Bad boundaries.

8. Was Jesus religious?

9. Yawning or trembling

10. What to look for in a guy.

Leave a comment letting me know which posts were your favorite!  Any topic requests for March?

2 thoughts on “Your favorite blog posts from February.

  1. My bestie told me about your blog a month ago and trusting her opinion, I signed up for e-mail updates. Oh my goodness, how you bless me! Every time I see, “thoughts from fabs in your inbox!”, I smile, knowing that the Lord will thump me over the head yet again. While I adore the relationship posts, pretty much anything God lays on your heart blessed mine. Thanks so much! 🙂

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