Your favorite thoughts of all time.

Remember that time I forgot to post my top posts for the month of April?  Me too.  So, in honor of my folly, I present to you the top ten posts of ALL TIME!  What a treat!

#1 What to look for in a guy.

#2 Singleness Suffering’ Series; (specifically #5: Lack of Physical Intimacy, #4: The Pain of Rejection#1: Loneliness &  #7: The Pain of Losing Dreams)

#3 Are Women Crazy’ series

#4 Bad boundaries.

#5 Men wouldn’t look at me when I was skinny.

#6 2 ways to deal with being boy crazy.

#7 The ‘M’ Word.

#8 4 ways to tell if you’re a woman who fears the Lord

#9 I don’t have it together.

#10 ‘Hard Truth’ series; (specifically ‘Hard’ truth: firm foundations)

If you missed any of those check ’em out and lemme know what you think!

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