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I want to be spent.

I want every last drop of my life to be spent when I stand before God and I want to be a part of all that He has for me here. I want to be a part of a million different people’s stories.

I want to take hold of the gal in some church in some small town who is about to throw in the towel because none of this feels real, and I want to whisper true things to her. And I want to call out to the woman who is about to walk away from all of God and His glory because some guy makes her feel more loved than the King and I want to look at these women and I want to say: I know. I know how it feels.

My heart is filled with doubt and fear and unbelief but I have to bank on all that is true and real and it’s Him.   I’m all in. I’m going to bank everything on the belief that God is really up there now and He really is all that He says He is and He really is not going to fail us or forsake us.

And I’m going to spend my life calling others to bank everything on that very same thing.

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3 thoughts on “About fabs

  1. Hi there-
    I found your blog through Carolyn’s Radical Womanhood blog and I really appreciated your insights in the posts I’ve read thus far. I hope to get to read more of them.

  2. Ditto here. I’ve spent the wee hours this morning reading many of your posts. You have a lot of insight for one so young…

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